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Home Appliance Repair

When a unit goes “belly up” and is no longer working, the issue is typically an indispensable part marked above retail value. After replacing the part, with the added expense of “labor” by the manufacturer or retailer, it would appear replacing is a more cost effective option. You spend “a little more” to get a brand new or lightly used unit and have many more years of functionality, right? In today’s society, we live in the time of “replace” vs “repair”. As new appliances are made and new features are added, it is perceived that replacing an appliance is economical and more cost efficient, until now. Rich’s Appliance Repair offers affordable home appliance repair to save your appliance and make it last!

Honest & Reliable Service

At Rich’s Appliance Repair we don’t follow the serviceman stereotype; charge a fee for little to no assistance. When we arrive on a job site, we do the following:

  • Visually and physically inspect the appliance to properly diagnose the issue.
  • Ask questions to get a better understanding of the use(s) for your appliance and what the customers’ needs are from the appliance.
  • If the issue is simple, or not an issue at all, we will offer suggestions on the most cost effective approach to fix your appliance.
  • If a replacement part is needed, we can order parts on the spot and have the part ready to install within days, not weeks.

We believe appliances are built to last. That’s why we offer home appliance repair, maintenance tips , and/or suggestions for proper appliance care to help elongate the lifespan of your appliance. We are here to help!

Call us to schedule your local appliance repair today at 208-459-9267.