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Oven & Stove Repair

With common household appliances, annual maintenance and proper care is essential to the functionality of any appliance. Your oven, range, and/or cooktop is no exception. Years of debris buildup can wreak havoc on your oven, range, and/or cooktop, causing your appliance to lose functionality or quit altogether. If that happens, call Rich’s Appliance Repair for your oven & stove repair, we are knowledgeable in repair of all major appliances. In the meantime, to prevent complications before they occur, knowing how to properly clean your appliance can play a role in how long the appliance lasts. Here are a few tips for proper care and cleaning of your oven, stove, and/or cooktop.

Cleaning & Maintaining Electric Coil Cooktops

If food is spilled on a burner, try this homemade stove cleaner to remove dried or crusted food: Before attempting to clean the burner be sure to turn off all burners and allow them to cool. Once all burners have cooled, remove each individual burner to thoroughly clean (Most burners can be removed by pulling them straight out of the socket. Refer to your owner’s manual for proper removal). Once the burners are removed, mix together one tablespoon each of baking soda, water, and salt and spread the mixture over the dried or crusted food. Allow the paste to sit for 30 minutes then gently scrub the crusted food away. Rinse the burner after removing, being sure to keep the electrical prongs dry.

After burners have been cleaned, carefully place burners back inside of the cooktop, being sure to properly attach electrical connections. If no connection can be made, or the burner is not heating as well as before: turn off the burner and unplug the unit for increased safety. Gently remove the burners and check the burner prongs. Make sure the burner prongs are the appropriate width apart to properly create a connection. If no connection can be made, try (gently) spreading the prongs slightly outward to create a tighter connection.

Use caution when cleaning with water or liquid cleaners

If you are cleaning with water or liquid cleaners around the knob shafts, be sure not to spray the knobs directly. If water seeps into openings around the knobs, it can cause those switches to short out and damage your electrical systems. Instead of spraying these areas directly with cleaner or water, try using a damp cloth or spraying a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning & Maintaining Flat Cooktops

For flat cooktops, it’s best to follow the cleaning recommendations described in the owner’s manual as the use of rough scrubbing pads, such as nylon or stainless steel scrubbers, can scratch the surface leaving permanent blemishes. For best results, use a manufacturer approved cooktop cleaner and a microfiber cloth to gently buff out spills or dried food.

For more oven & stove repair, tips on proper care of household appliances, or to schedule your kitchen appliance repair, call Rich today at 208-459-9267.