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Washing Machine

Washing machine not working? There are few things more frustrating and we know the struggle. Before you start searching for a new one, call Rich’s Appliance Repair! Rich has years of experience and in-depth knowledge of common household appliances. He can get your washing machine working in no time!

In addition to appliance repair, Rich also provides a service to his customers through education. When he arrives at a home and observes the appliance, he will tell you what he found, the cost of repair, and offer the best solution. By providing you with knowledge about your machine and how to properly care for it, this helps extend the lifespan of your appliance and builds a trust with our company. We want you to feel confident in our ability to fix your appliance.

For basic issues, try these proper maintenance tips:

Loud washing machine

If your washing machine makes quite the ruckus during a spin cycle, try these tricks to quiet a loud washer:

  • Make sure your load of laundry is balanced. Try to evenly spread the clothes around the agitator (if applicable). If no agitator is present, try to even out the weight of the load. For example: If doing a load of towels, try to break it up in separate loads by subbing in t-shirts to balance out the weight.
  • After loading your laundry, before pressing the “start” button, make sure the washing machine is level. Get a leveler and check if your washer is level. If washer is not level, gently adjust the front legs up or down, using a screw driver, until your washer is level. Be sure to tighten the locking nut on each leg. To adjust the back legs, gently lean the machine forward and lower it, this should allow the rear legs to self-adjust.

If problem still persists, call Rich’s Appliance Repair today at 208-459-9267. We know, no one likes to be without a washer; we will get their promptly to fix your washing machine.